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Company News : SOA Software Changes Name to Akana
on 2015/3/12 8:59:25 (615 reads)
Company News

SOA Software, a leading provider of API Management, SOA Governance and Cloud Integration solutions, announced today that it has changed its name to Akana.

With roots in Web Services and SOA Governance, Akana has established itself as a leader in API Management and is expanding into cloud integration as an alternative to the traditional heavyweight enterprise service bus (ESB). The company recently announced that it achieved more than 90% year-over-year growth.  As Akana, the company now addresses the evolution and diversification of SOA, unifying security, management, and DevOps across SOA, APIs, microservices, and more.

Service Oriented Architecture remains a solid foundation for enterprises, and has diverged to include APIs and microservices. APIs connect across business and technology boundaries to bring diverse resources and capabilities precisely to the place where they are needed to improve customer engagement and drive business value. The emergence of the microservices paradigm delivers flexibility and scalability to the development and deployment of service-based applications.

The microservices paradigm extends Service Oriented Architecture, with containerization and DevOps principles, introducing still greater need for lifecycle management, distributed monitoring and management, and security policy enforcement and implementation capabilities.  Akana is leveraging its lifecycle management products and expertise to extend the enterprise software development lifecycle to cover microservices initiatives, integrating with containerization platforms, and managing application and microservices topology metadata and classifications.  Coupling these lifecycle management capabilities with Akana’s best of breed run-time platform that provides service discovery, enforcement and implementation of security, scaling, routing, and auditing policies, empowers enterprises to define, version, scale, secure, and manage their microservices on their chosen containerization platform.

The Akana platform provides the following capabilities:
* Developer Engagement – an API portal to publish and document APIs and engage developers.
* API Gateway – a high-performance, secure API Gateway that combines the mediation, orchestration, and connectivity capabilities of a lightweight ESB with the performance and security of a traditional proxy style Gateway.
* Lifecycle Management – enables enterprises to effectively collaborate between business, developers and IT operations, resulting in rapid development and deployment cycles while increasing reliability, stability and availability of their APIs and supporting assets.
* Analytics – a flexible analytics platform that provides dashboards for business analytics, service level analytics and operational analytics. 

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