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Product News : New Jitterbit Harmony Brings Enterprise Scale to Cloud Integration
on 2015/3/24 9:49:10 (528 reads)
Product News

Jitterbit, a provider of fast, agile integration solutions for the modern enterprise, today announced the release of its upgraded Harmony Spring '15 cloud integration platform, which delivers market-leading speed, scale and reliability that today's connected enterprises demand. The latest release of the platform implements a new "Sonic Architecture" to deliver dramatic performance gains and increased reliability, while continuing to enable a single non-technical user to design and manage every aspect of an integration.

Harmony Spring '15 includes powerful upgrades and additions to Jitterbit's multi-tenant cloud integration platform, including:
* Reliable Messaging to ensure that your data reaches its destination even if your systems experience downtime or other issues
* Salesforce Lightning Connect to enable real-time connectivity between the Salesforce1 platform and any external source
* New SAP Destinations support to enable real-time process integration from SAP
* New Microsoft CRM Connector with support for MSCRM 2015
* Enhanced NetSuite Connector with broader search and performance improvements
* New LDAP support to connect, search and modify Internet directories

"This new release to our leading cloud integration platform delivers a new level of speed, scale and reliability to support the most complex enterprise integration requirements we are seeing from our customers," said Jitterbit CEO George Gallegos. "While Jitterbit Harmony has evolved to support even more complicated and demanding use cases, we stay true to our mission to enable everyday business users to design and manage integration without the need to call on an army of developers."

Core Platform Upgrades Empower Companies to Leverage Real-Time and Event-Based Integrations

Jitterbit Harmony Spring '15 empowers digital businesses to compete in the API economy by delivering the necessary performance, scale and reliability to handle real-time and events-based integrations. With faster integration, companies can connect hundreds of disparate endpoints across the organization to transform business processes that used to take days or hours into tasks that can be completed in real time.

Harmony Spring '15 powers Salesforce Lightning Connect to enable real-time connectivity between the Salesforce1 platform and external sources including ERP systems like SAP and any type of database, including Oracle. Using Jitterbit Harmony, Salesforce external sources can be viewed in real-time without moving or persisting data, providing point-in-time snapshots of up-to-the-second information.

The new SAP Destinations Connector can react to data changes in your SAP system and immediately update other apps, such as Salesforce, in response. This lays the foundation for easy-to-configure workflows for even the most complex business processes involving SAP and other cloud applications.

Jitterbit Harmony remains the only cloud integration solution built on a single platform to empower non-developers to design, deploy and manage many-to-many app integrations without writing a single line of code or purchasing additional products and components. Harmony Spring '15 enables business users to manage the entire integration lifecycle on a single multi-tenant cloud platform. The platform provides the greatest ease-of-use, the fastest "go-live" time and enterprise performance at the lowest total cost of ownership for any integration solution.

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