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Product News : REDpill Updates Java and Cobol Legacy Applications
on 2015/4/8 8:12:19 (867 reads)
Product News

REDpill Systems has announced a trinity of software development products offering a heretofore unheard-of guarantee to anyone seeking to update aging Java, COBOL or any third-generation system.

“One hundred percent Business Rules Extraction and Zero Defects in the outcome, with no errors or omissions,” said REDpill Chief Innovation Officer John Coyne. “It’s a strong statement that’s certainly raised a lot of eyebrows—from CIOs, to lawyers, to the naysayers and competition we’ve left behind. But yes, it’s really true and we provide our customers with the forensic proof to back it up.”

Indeed, REDpill’s formative success has been manifest with substantial early adopters like two major U.S. federal regulatory agencies, a European military administration department and, most recently, one of Europe’s largest insurance companies.

REDpill’s three modules, “Revelation,” “Synchronizer” and “Transformation,” coordinate in a proprietary manner to produce the guaranteed Zero Defects outcome, with minimal enterprise disruption during any phase of development—from a fresh start, to a modernization or augmentation. REDpill's FutureProof© Transformation module eliminates the “legacy problem” by utilizing an ontology-driven Business Architecture Semantic Engine (BASE technology), enabling fully defined and executed workflows, application of subject matter expertise and establishment of processing goals without programming code interpretations.

"Typical IT experience is that modernization projects run behind schedule and over budget, and then don’t work right when put into production because the business rules are wrong or incomplete," REDpill Chief Technology Officer Don Estes said. “Revelation and Synchronizer enable 100 percent identification of active business rules, then provide documented proof that the new system implemented them correctly. Transformation allows the replacement of more perishable programming styles of the past with a new model that won’t degrade into ‘legacy’ again.” 

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