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Product News : New Relic Updates Analytics Platform to Monitor Microservices and Docker
on 2015/5/7 8:37:17 (653 reads)
Product News

New Relic has announced a set of new features to its Software Analytics Platform that are designed to enable greater productivity for developers and agility for IT operations to meet business objectives. Collectively these updates reflect the shift by customers to more modular, elastic cloud application architectures, built using containers, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and microservices.

As companies ranging from startups to enterprises look to create the next generation of digital experiences, many companies have restructured monolithic applications into granular microservices, often running on containers, in the hopes of allowing software teams to more rapidly build, integrate, and scale their applications. This approach brings complexities and requires new ways to monitor and troubleshoot the many components of each application. The New Relic Software Analytics Platform is designed to reflect this modern approach to software with the following new features and announcements:
* Docker Monitoring - Since its introduction two years ago, Docker has exploded in popularity with a majority of enterprises using or evaluating it for their organization's development needs and rapidly adopting it for their production environment.1 To date, it has been difficult for software teams to monitor the impact of Docker containers on app performance. Available today in a public beta, New Relic APM customers can have visibility on the performance of all types of containers they are utilizing, with the goal of providing them with improved confidence in their Docker deployments.
* Service Maps - Part of New Relic APM, Service Maps are a reimagined version of the App Map to monitor complex microservice-based application architectures, from the browser layer, through the backend apps and services, and out to external third-party services. With application architectures having become more distributed -- with some customers having thousands of microservices -- the new Service Maps are role-based, which aims to allow individuals or teams to focus on the performance and support of the services they are responsible for.
* Alerts - A new streamlined alerting system which is designed to enable users to focus on fixing problems and eliminate "alert fatigue" with incident rollups. New Relic will now group related alerts into an incident dashboard, which intends to allow the individual responsible to better understand the history of a performance outage and more quickly determine how to fix it. Alerts works across the New Relic Software Analytics Platform, integrates with New Relic's iOS and Android apps, and is designed to have easy integrations into services such as Slack, HipChat, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, VictorOps, and Campfire and allow for customizable webhooks for a wide variety of integration possibilities.

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