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Product News : Tricentis Tosca Testsuite Integrates Selenium
on 2015/5/13 7:35:16 (955 reads)
Product News

Tricentis has announced the integration of Tosca Testsuite with Selenium 1 & 2 (Webdriver). Tricentis' Tosca Testsuite helps companies accelerate business innovation by providing software testing tools to reduce business-related risks while optimizing costs and efficiencies. Test teams can reuse Selenium tests by integrating them into Tosca for end-to-end testing.

Selenium is an open source web automation tool that has continued to gain significant developer and tester adoption. Selenium offers multi-browser support and integrates with all major development environments.

As enterprises adopt DevOps, continuous testing becomes essential and often is the bottleneck in achieving continuous delivery. To enable continuous delivery, DevOps teams need to fully automate their testing and integrate it into the DevOps tool chain. By integrating their Selenium scripts into Tosca, development and test teams can collaborate and automate end-to-end software tests by leveraging Tosca's market leading model based test automation, stateful test data management and orchestrated service virtualization capabilities.

Using Tosca, enterprises have successfully been able to automate up to 90%+ of their regression tests and have been able to achieve a 90%+ reduction in time during test cycles.

Key benefits of integrating Selenium into Tosca:
* Leverage all existing Selenium test assets
* Full automation of end-to-end software testing
* Full automation of GUI and API testing
* Manage tests effectively and efficiently
* Unified Reporting

"In celebration of Selenium's 10th anniversary, we are happy to announce our premium sponsorship of one of the largest open-source testing tools," said Wolfgang Platz, Founder and CPO of Tricentis. "We are thrilled to integrate Selenium and help QA teams enable continuous testing in their DevOps environments."

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