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Product News : DataStax Enterprise 4.7 Announced
on 2015/5/19 8:39:26 (569 reads)
Product News

DataStax, the company that delivers Apache Cassandra™ to the enterprise, today announced the general availability of DataStax Enterprise 4.7 (DSE 4.7), the leading database platform purpose-built for the performance and availability demands of web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. With significant advancements to integrated enterprise search, analytics, security, in-memory computing, and database management and monitoring, DSE 4.7 is the leading distributed database for mixed workload deployments.

DSE 4.7 includes a new certified version of Apache Solr and DSE's innovative "Live Indexing" capability that makes new data immediately available for search. Whereas typical search systems, including Solr and Elasticsearch, may have gaps involved when new data enters the system and when it is ready for search operations, DSE's Live Indexing feature immediately indexes incoming data making it instantly available. Furthermore, DSE search leverages Cassandra's native ability to run across multiple data centers and cloud availability zones, which provides constant uptime for search operations and allows results to be sent back to users in the fastest possible time.

Extending Analytics with Search: Developers can utilize Solr search syntax in conjunction with Spark's SparkSQL, to extend Spark's analytic query capabilities and deliver lightning fast query response times, all in a single database platform. Search and analytics tasks can run simultaneously on the same machine, thus delivering the potential for lower hardware costs and improved TCO.

Intelligent Search Query Routing: Version 4.7 of DSE Search adds the ability for search queries to be transparently routed to the best performing machines in a cluster, which automatically ensures the fastest possible response times for each individual search request.

Fault-Tolerant Search Operations: With the ability to customize how a failed search query is handled, developers can deliver advanced capabilities such as partial responses that provide an approximation of search results, or default to a full retry, which is performed automatically.

Upgraded analytics functionality includes a new certified version of Spark version 1.2 along with support for machine learning, JDBC, and easy performance monitoring of Spark performance in DSE's Performance Service. DSE's in-memory option has also been improved to address up to 50x more RAM than previous versions. DataStax's continued investment in search, in-memory and analytics, greatly simplifies the development of mixed workload applications that include transactional, analytical, search and in-memory requirements. 

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