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Product News :  Agile Software Factory Released to the Open Source Community
on 2015/5/27 9:53:22 (952 reads)
Product News

Grid Dynamics has announced that the source code for the Agile Software Factory (ASF) solution, a foundation for an efficient, scalable, and reliable development and release process, is now freely available. ASF is an end-to-end continuous delivery (CD) management tool providing structure to the software development processes allowing engineering teams to focus on implementing functionality instead of fighting operational issues.

With today's announcement, a complete working installation of the continuous integration continuous delivery (CICD) infrastructure bundled with sample projects is available under the Apache 2.0 license. DevOps developers can use, distribute, build on the solution as well as submit back to the project. ASF orchestrates the automated delivery pipeline by pre-configuring popular continuous delivery tools which includes Jenkins, Gerrit, LDAP, JIRA, Nexus, Sonar, SeleniumGrid, Docker, Tonomi and Chef. With ASF, companies can set up a complete CICD infrastructure in a matter of hours. Developers can contribute to ASF by forking the repository on GitHub, make the changes, and send us the pull request. Bugs and improvement requests are also managed through GitHub. Grid Dynamics provides ASF services as either a SaaS solution or on premise, as well as providing services around set up, customization and support.

The Grid Dynamics ASF code is generally available on GitHub at 

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