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Product News : Kovair Software Releases Omnibus Integration Adapter/Connector For LDRA
on 2015/6/18 8:29:51 (486 reads)
Product News

Kovair Software, one of the leaders in Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) added one more connector to its suite of 60+ tools today and announced the release of Kovair Omnibus Integration Adapter for LDRA Testbed, a leading product in providing core static and dynamic analysis engines for both host and embedded software. With Kovair and LDRA Testbed integration, developers can easily apply LDRA’s static code analysis capabilities from within their IDE and organizations will be able to enforce a uniform set of code analysis techniques for quality standardization.

LDRA Testbed provides the means to enforce compliance with coding standards such as MISRA, JSF++ AV, CERT C, and CWE and provides visibility of software flaws that might typically pass through the standard build and test processes to become latent problems. In addition, test effectiveness feedback is provided through structural coverage analysis reporting facilities which support the requirements of the DO-178B/C standard up to and including Level-A. Safety critical and security critical software development brings in a global array of components and technology providers. This makes managing the quality and strictness of maintaining different standards over different years of development contracts extremely challenging, particularly in light of tight budgets and time-to market requirements.

The connector of Kovair Omnibus for LDRA Testbed will enable developers to easily apply LDRA’s static code analysis capabilities from within their IDEs. Kovair Omnibus is also integrating with the unit testing and test case generation capabilities of LDRA and is expected to release by end of June 2015. Kovair Omnibus, with its existing integrations with Continuous Integration -CI tools such as Jenkins, Hudson, etc., also helps organizations setup an automated CI environment. Having this type of CI environment will enable constant monitoring of stability and functionality, providing more granular measurement at all stages of development. This will provide confidence to the organizations for all software development projects in safety-critical, security-critical, and business-critical applications.

"This integration will open the doors for different application developers to perform LDRA based static code analysis from their IDE. This is a step forward for the aerospace and defense industry and offers similar promise for industries such as rail transportation, industrial automation, and automotive," says Ian Hennell, Director, LDRA UK.

“With the Omnibus integration in place with LDRA Testbed- organizations will be able to enforce a uniform set of code analysis techniques which in turn will provide significant levels of quality standardization. Developers can now conveniently perform code analysis, modify and retest without having the SCM client at their workstation – a huge time-saving improvement leading to a high level of productivity enhancement,” said Bipin Shah, CEO and Chairman of Kovair.

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