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Product News : JRebel Integrates With Cloud Platforms
on 2015/6/18 8:46:39 (801 reads)
Product News

ZeroTurnaround has announced that its JRebel tool now integrates with solutions from leading cloud infrastructure companies to make development and testing in the cloud increasingly simple and affordable for Java developers building production software. By leveraging JRebel, the productivity tool designed to provide a rapid feedback cycle, with cloud services and solutions from leading vendors like IBM, Red Hat, SAP SE and Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers can now write code and test these services in a production-like environment in the cloud without the need for time-consuming application server restarts. JRebel will come pre-configured to run on IBM Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift, SAP HANA® Cloud Platform and AWS without any additional software required.

With JRebel running on a variety of cloud platforms, developers benefit from integrations with nearly 100 frameworks including Spring Boot and the latest versions of popular applications servers including WildFly/EAP, WebLogic and WebSphere Liberty. Regardless of the chosen technology stack, developers can now instantly reload individual changes to class structures, resources and framework configurations in the cloud instead of having to do a full application restart. With JRebel's remoting capabilities, a local copy of the application is available on the desktop IDE, leaving dependencies and hardware requirements in the cloud. On the backend, JRebel encrypts and moves files instantly without firewall or proxy issues. With a quick refresh of the browser, developers can see code changes in the cloud instantly with minimal impact on performance and all the economic advantages of using a cloud-based infrastructure.

"We view JRebel as a key enabler to development in the cloud and its adoption by developers and integration with solutions from cloud providers will help usher in the next phase of cloud computing -- agile development and continuous delivery in the cloud," said Jevgeni Kabanov, Founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround. "Previously, without a tool like JRebel, active cloud development of production software could be impractical -- from a time, resource, technology and cost perspective. We're planning to change that, and to build our ecosystem to make cloud development of enterprise applications available to software teams everywhere."

JRebel alleviates common redeployment delays that plague Java developers, including pushing code into a test environment or restructuring the application server before being able to see the impact on the code changes. In a recent survey of nearly 500 Java developers conducted by ZeroTurnaround, 98 percent of which were JRebel users and 27 percent saying they were actively developing and deploying software on the cloud, 30 percent of respondents shared they deploy when a feature is more or less ready; seven percent deploy with every commit; and three percent with every change. Without a continuous integration toolset, manually redeploying every commit or every change could be a painful and cost prohibitive task. 

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