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Product News : ClusterHQ Ships Flocker 1.0
on 2015/6/18 8:50:28 (505 reads)
Product News

ClusterHQ has announced the general availability of Flocker 1.0, its container data management software. By enabling stateful Docker containers to be easily moved between servers, Flocker facilitates widespread production deployment of containers for databases, queues and key value stores. Modern applications are being built from both stateless and stateful microservices; Flocker makes it simple and practical for entire applications, including their state, to be containerized to take full advantage of the portability and massive per-server density benefits inherent in containers. This operational freedom allows DevOps organizations to increase the value of their Docker investment and opens the door for containers to be used in a greater variety of mainstream enterprise use cases in production. Flocker 1.0 is available as an Apache-licensed download at

Empowering portability of containers and their data as a single unit, a prerequisite for many production uses, Flocker lets DevOps teams easily containerize their stateful microservices, thus consolidating their entire distributed application into an all-Docker development and operations environment. With everything running in containers, IT operations can be simplified into a unified set of operational processes. Moreover, making it easy to containerize stateful microservices decreases costs so that far more applications can be run on a given set of hardware. Because Flocker enables easy migration of stateful containers, organizations now have the flexibility to accommodate common IT processes such as routine maintenance and load balancing of workloads across servers. The downstream impact is meaningful in today's real-time economy: businesses can innovate faster and become more responsive to their customers.

Flocker provides an API and CLI for managing containers and data volumes, and works with multiple storage solutions including Amazon EBS, Rackspace Cloud Block Storage, any OpenStack Cinder-compatible device, EMC ScaleIO and EMC XtremIO. The pluggable nature of Flocker is designed to work with any storage system, delivering the ability to integrate Dockerized applications with existing storage backends. Any company or community that wants its storage to work with Docker can easily write a driver for Flocker.

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