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Product News : Keynote Supports Mobile Testing with Appium
on 2015/7/1 8:32:36 (832 reads)
Product News

Keynote announced the integration of Keynote Mobile Testing with Appium, an open source framework designed to help automate the testing of native and web iOS and Android mobile applications. The new integration will allow organizations to improve the quality of apps by enabling efficient collaboration between quality assurance (QA) practitioners doing end-to-end testing and developers automating unit tests.

Developers and QA professionals are under increasing pressure to support the rapid introduction of new mobile app features. To efficiently address this challenge, developers are looking for ways to leverage tools and languages they are already familiar with to automate unit tests. At the same time, QA professionals, who test the integrity of the app before publishing, need a way to streamline the testing process to accelerate time to market.

By integrating Keynote Mobile Testing with Appium, developers and QA professionals can pair a high-fidelity interactive mobile testing environment with a common automated scripting test framework and run tests across real devices to accelerate the mobile application lifecycle and improve quality.

Available via a simple plug-in, the scripting framework allows users to quickly build and run tests throughout all stages of development, allowing digital innovators to benefit from:
* Accelerated time to market: By allowing development teams to use the programming language of their choice, share test assets and reproduce results more consistently, organizations can ensure new features are published quicker and with greater simplicity.
* Comprehensive support: The Keynote Mobile Testing environment combined with the Appium framework allows users to extend unit testing of native, hybrid and mobile web applications to real devices for sophisticated end-to-end testing on a platform that also supports QA needs for manual and automated testing.
*  Device compatibility: Organizations can run automated scripting tests across mobile browsers and operating systems on actual smartphones, tablets and wearables deployed privately or in the Keynote Mobile Testing Cloud.
* Improved collaboration: With the ability to leverage a common framework, QA can work more closely and efficiently with developer teams, removing silos and improving the quality and experience of mobile applications.

The new integration is available today for users of Keynote Mobile Testing Enterprise.

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