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Product News : Official Gradle Plugin for Eclipse Released
on 2015/7/1 9:37:42 (654 reads)
Product News

Gradle Inc. has announced the first major release of Buildship, the official Gradle plugin for the Eclipse IDE. Buildship provides control of Gradle builds from within the leading IDE. As part of this partnership with the Eclipse Foundation, Gradle Inc. became a member of the Eclipse Foundation in early 2015. The contribution of Buildship to the Eclipse platform marks the first milestone in the collaboration between these two leaders in build automation and developer tools.

Buildship is the official name of the Eclipse plugin that provides the Eclipse IDE users with a deep and rich experience when integrating their Gradle builds into Eclipse. Buildship 1.0 will be available for Eclipse Mars users through the new Eclipse Mars Marketplace announced by the Eclipse Foundation. The new Eclipse Mars Marketplace is available in Eclipse Mars out-of-the-box, without any further configuration or installation. Gradle Inc. leads the development of Buildship and incorporates feedback from both the Eclipse community and the Gradle community. The first major release of Buildship 1.0 focuses on the Gradle users (running build scripts) while subsequent releases will also include Gradle build authors (creating build scripts).

The Features
* Buildship 1.0 provides functionality to import existing Gradle projects into Eclipse and to create new Gradle projects within Eclipse.
* The Gradle Tasks View allows to display, sort, filter, and run tasks.
* The Gradle Executions View shows the progress of executing a Gradle build, including the visualization of the build life-cycle and the task and test execution progress.

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