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Product News :  Sencha Ext JS 6 and Sencha Web Application Manager Released
on 2015/7/1 9:43:03 (1019 reads)
Product News

Sencha has announced the general availability of Sencha Ext JS 6 and Sencha Web Application Manager (formerly known as Sencha Space), two core products within the new Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform. Sencha Ext JS is the most comprehensive and widely used JavaScript framework for building feature-rich cross-platform web applications.

Along with desktops and tablets, enterprises are now tasked with delivering applications to the highly fragmented world of mobile devices. The promise of web applications is that line-of-business managers and IT departments can use them to cost-effectively design, develop and deploy mission-critical applications across all devices and platforms. According to a recent Forrester Consulting study commissioned on behalf of Sencha entitled The Rise of Web Technology, “the requirements put on the development organizations to keep up with customers’ expectations for rich functionality and a seamless user experience across the desktop, tablets, and smartphones will continue to accelerate in speed to market and complexity. Investing in capabilities to enable development teams to be flexible, security-minded, and fast is critical for competitive differentiation.”

“With Sencha Ext JS 6, enterprise development and IT teams can design and develop universal applications from a single codebase and deploy them through Sencha Web Application Manager to deliver the right user experience on the right screen at the right time,” said Art Landro, CEO of Sencha. “By leveraging key components of the Sencha Platform, teams can remove the complexities and cost associated with enterprise application development and deployment, and accelerate each phase of the software application lifecycle.”

Nearly 2,000 current customers registered for the Sencha Ext JS 6 Beta. According to a survey among these developers, more than 76 percent stated that Ext JS 6 was easy to use, and more than 60 percent stated that Fashion, the new theming technology that eliminates dependencies on Ruby and Compass was extremely useful. Almost 40 percent stated that they plan to develop universal applications, designed to run on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

The Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform is open and modular; customers can opt to either purchase the comprehensive Platform or individual products such as Ext JS 6, Web Application Manager or other modular elements of it. 

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