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Company News : ZenHub Launches GitHub-embedded Project Management Tool
on 2015/8/11 7:51:24 (927 reads)

ZenHub has announced the launch of ZenHub Enterprise, a project management solution that integrates directly into GitHub Enterprise. ZenHub Enterprise was engineered from the ground up to meet the security and deployment requirements of Fortune 500 companies, deployed on-site and behind customers' firewalls. It adds features like task boards, native any-type file uploads, and velocity tracking - directly into the GitHub Enterprise UI.

Like GitHub, which in June opened its first non-U.S office in Japan, ZenHub Enterprise has seen rapid traction in both Western and Asian markets. Ikyu, a Japanese Expedia-like publicly-traded corporation, stated that ZenHub Enterprise "radically reduced" company spend. Yusuke Sasajima, Chief Engineer at, attributes the savings to tool consolidation: "ZenHub Enterprise eliminates our need for third-party tools outside of GitHub."

Others prize the product's ability to promote productivity via collaboration. Imgur, the Andreessen Horowitz-backed photo sharing website, accumulates 60 billion+ image views per month. They adopted ZenHub Enterprise to encourage collaboration across their rapidly growing team.

ZenHub, the web-hosted product, has been proven to deliver massive return on investment for customers like Facebook, NBC, Sony, and Microsoft. While typically this product category gains most traction from management, ZenHub is remarkably popular with engineers - a cohort accounting for 63% of the company's customers. By allowing the entire team to collaborate within GitHub, ZenHub enables developers to avoid wasted time spent 'context switching' to different environments to update product roadmaps. The product saves an average of ~1.5 hours per day, per user, the equivalent of 40 workdays per year. Not only do customers experience high return on investment with ZenHub, but they also achieve greater returns on their GitHub investment: a customer survey showed that GitHub usage nearly doubled after ZenHub adoption. 

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