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Product News : Komodo IDE 9.2 Brings Developers Docker and Vagrant Integration
on 2015/8/11 8:06:41 (810 reads)
Product News

ActiveState has announced a new release of Komodo IDE. Komodo IDE's powerful Commando tool now allows developers to work with Docker and Vagrant directly within Komodo instead of via the command line, thus decreasing disruptions and wasted time. Komodo also allows users to see their instance names and commands directly from the Commando panel, negating the need to be intimately knowledgeable with Docker and Vagrant. Users can now quickly run commands without having to reference running instances.

A new Komodo package installer allows easy installation of add-ons (extensions), color schemes, skins, keybindings, and languages, directly from inside Komodo, providing easier access to new functionality and allowing enterprise and individual developers to quickly turn to community contributions for specialized functionality to meet project requirements.

Komodo IDE for teams/enterprise development has also been improved, with collaboration features getting a complete overhaul to make the user experience more pleasant, intuitive, and seamless.

In addition to the new Docker and Vagrant functionality, package installer, and collaboration updates, features in Komodo IDE 9.2 include:
* Real-Time/In-Line Spell Checking - Automatically check for spelling errors in real-time, in-line with the code. Spelling errors can be easily found and corrected within the editor.
* EditorConfig - Komodo now offers EditorConfig integration, allowing developers to define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs.
* Focus Mode (aka Distraction-Free Mode) - With a single keystroke, developers can hide non-essential UI elements to pare down the Komodo GUI and focus on the code.
* CSS3 Auto-completions - Komodo now supports all of CSS3.
* Crisper UI - The UI is now even more clear (particularly when using dark color schemes).
* Numerous Commando enhancements, allowing developers to "stay in the zone" instead of leaving their IDE.

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