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Product News : JNBridge Releases JNBridgePro v7.3
on 2015/8/19 7:04:05 (619 reads)
Product News

JNBridge, a provider of interoperability tools to connect Java and .NET frameworks, has announced the availability of JNBridgePro v7.3. The latest release builds on the features and functionality of previous versions, now ensuring compatibility with Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015. It also offers a new, very useful feature -- Proxy By Name -- which maps parameter names when generating proxies. Altogether, JNBridgePro v7.3 presents the ideal solution to the complexities of cross-platform interoperability, reducing costs and ensuring productivity remains uninterrupted.

Companies in all industries rely on JNBridge for straightforward compatibility between Java and .NET technologies, whether on premises or in the cloud. Hundreds to thousands of times faster than web services, JNBridgePro delivers full access to any API and exposes Java and .NET binaries without the need for source code. With JNBridge, time and budget spent on interoperability issues are a thing of the past.

JNBridgePro v7.3 offers the same capabilities as previous versions and adds support for Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015. JNBridgePro v7.3 also now includes Proxy By Name, a feature specifically requested by JNBridge customers. This feature maps the names of the underlying parameters of methods when generating proxies so that the proxied methods' parameters have the same names as the parameters in the underlying methods. Proxy By Name enables developers to better understand how the proxied methods should be used.

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