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Product News : XebiaLabs Releases XL Deploy 5.1
on 2015/9/8 8:16:08 (837 reads)
Product News

XebiaLabs has announced the release of XL Deploy 5.1, making it the first deployment and application release automation (ARA) tool to offer dependency management for complex software applications. With the latest update, companies can use XL Deploy to keep track of all interdependencies between application components and make sure all required components are deployed, thereby reducing deployment failures.

In enterprise software development today, multiple scattered teams build components of software that depend heavily on each other to produce the complete application. Managing dependencies between parts becomes even more challenging as companies adopt architectures that build software in smaller components, such as with service oriented architectures or microservices. In these situations, the dependency model rapidly becomes too complex to be managed by a human being. With XL Deploy, companies don’t need to worry about deployments – and production instances – breaking when dependencies aren’t met.

“The new features in XL Deploy 5.1 ease the process for companies looking to introduce automation as their environments, applications and architectures become more complex,” said Vincent Partington, Chief Technology Officer for XebiaLabs. “By allowing development teams to describe all services and their dependencies only once, XL Deploy helps companies reduce deployment failures, speed up deployment time, validate real-time software releases and establish more predictable delivery costs.”

XL Deploy is the most advanced deployment and application release automation tool available, helping companies realize the best results from their DevOps and Continuous Delivery initiatives. Enterprises all over the world use it to speed up deployment time while reducing errors and failed deployments and gain visibility into the deployment status of applications and environments. XL Deploy helps companies streamline deployments for both legacy and new applications. It is an excellent complement to tools like Jenkins, Chef and Puppet, adding deployment and application release automation and ensuring that complex deployments are carried out flawlessly. 

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