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Company News : Rainforest QA Launches Rainforest Enterprise
on 2015/9/15 8:30:38 (668 reads)
Company News

Rainforest QA, the only continuous QA platform, has announced the launch of Rainforest Enterprise, designed to give developers and teams limitless testing ability. Rainforest's on-demand API delivers cross-browser test results within 30 minutes, allowing teams following Agile or Continuous Integration(CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) methodologies to move fast and build great products.

"The great thing about Rainforest is that they have 24x7 availability and have been under 5 minutes for smoke tests that need to be run every time we deploy," said Laks Sirini, Founder and CTO of Zenefits. "This is great for us because we deploy throughout the day, sometimes 3 am, sometimes at 3 pm. Our development motto is move fast, constantly update assumptions, and write tests, with an emphasis on write tests. Without a Continuous QA platform like Rainforest you can't move fast without breaking things."

In today's competitive environment, application development is moving to Agile and CI. However, QA testing has failed to evolve with engineering demands, taking days if not weeks. Automation doesn't solve the problem because it is resource intensive, requiring someone to code and maintain tests with no flexibility for product updates or changes in scope. With Rainforest's API, anyone is able to write test without code, leverage Rainforest's 50,000 QA testers around the world, and receive testing reports in 30 minutes.

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