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Product News : New Free Open Source Percona Server for MongoDB
on 2015/9/22 8:16:20 (870 reads)
Product News

Percona, a company that delivers enterprise-class MySQL and MongoDB solutions and services, has announced Percona Server for MongoDB, an enhanced, open source, fully compatible drop-in replacement for MongoDB Community Edition that provides additional enterprise features and lower total cost of ownership.

Completely open source and free to download and use, Percona Server for MongoDB offers all the features of MongoDB 3.0 Community Edition, along with two additional storage engine options -- PerconaFT and Facebook's RocksDB -- and enterprise-grade functionality, including Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) and advanced auditing.

* As an enhanced drop-in replacement for MongoDB 3.0, Percona Server for MongoDB includes all the features and benefits of MongoDB 3.0 Community Edition.
* Percona Server for MongoDB includes the storage engines distributed with MongoDB, MMAP v1 and WiredTiger, as well as two storage engine options not supported by MongoDB: PerconaFT and Facebook's RocksDB.
* Percona Server for MongoDB includes Percona TokuBackup and supports full online backups of PerconaFT, helping administrators better manage their deployments.
* Percona Server for MongoDB includes a SASL Authentication plugin, a feature found only in MongoDB Advanced Enterprise Edition. The plug-in enables authentication through OpenLDAP or Active Directory.
* Percona Server for MongoDB also includes an audit plugin, another feature found only in MongoDB Advanced Enterprise Edition. The plug-in delivers security and compliance benefits to organizations by providing the ability to track and query the database interactions of users or applications, a critical feature for the compliance requirements of SOX, HIPAA, and SEC 17a.
* Percona Server for MongoDB is 100 percent open source and free to download and use, enabling organizations to avoid vendor lock-in through open source enterprise extensions. This non-proprietary technology and open distribution model is based on the same open source license used for MongoDB 3.0 Community Edition.

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