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Product News : SwaggerHub Provides Collaboration across API Lifecycle
on 2015/9/30 8:05:50 (501 reads)
Product News

SmartBear Software has released SwaggerHub, a free platform that allows teams to collaborate on and coordinate across the entire workflow of an API’s lifecycle. SwaggerHub leverages a centralized definition to allow the whole team to work together to iteratively design, build, document and manage an API.

APIs are a mission critical part of software that has different needs. Product managers, API designers, developers, architects and technical writers all are a crucial part of making a successful API First Strategy. By leveraging the Swagger specification – the leading open-source API definition – and an open platform that can easily integrate with other API lifecycle tools, SwaggerHub enables improved coordination across those team members to drive API quality.

As a free and open API-driven platform, SwaggerHub is the perfect connector to other API-driven tools. At its initial launch, SwaggerHub includes connectors for GitHub, DockerHub and Ready! API, three of the most popular tools on the market. It also includes an open API that provides integration capabilities to the SwaggerHub Registry so API providers can easily publish and retrieve APIs from SwaggerHub.

SwaggerHub is based on the Swagger open-source project, which SmartBear acquired in early 2015. With Swagger and SoapUI, SmartBear is behind the two most widely adopted API open source initiatives. 

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