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Product News : MapR Released In-Hadoop Document Database
on 2015/9/30 8:07:49 (666 reads)
Product News

MapR Technologies has announced the addition of native JSON support to MapR-DB, the top-ranked NoSQL database. The first in-Hadoop document database will allow developers to quickly deliver scalable applications that also leverage continuous analytics on real-time data.

With these major enhancements, developers benefit from the advantages of a document database combined with the scale, reliability and integrated analytics of enterprise-grade Hadoop and Spark. These capabilities will enhance an organization’s ability to improve a range of use cases -- from personalizing and delivering the best online shopping experience, to reducing risk and preventing fraud in real-time, to improving manufacturing efficiencies and lowering costs. To help developers experiment and experience MapR-DB, a developer preview with sample code is available for download.

The MapR Distribution including Hadoop is uniquely architected to serve as a single platform for running analytics and operational applications. MapR-DB enables continuous analytics on real-time data, while reducing cluster sprawl, eliminating data silos, and lowering the TCO of data management. The native JSON support in MapR-DB also enables faster time-to-value by letting developers quickly stand up more business applications on more data types and sources. MapR-DB supports the Open JSON Application Interface (OJAITM), which is designed to be a general purpose JSON access layer across databases, file systems, and message streams, enabling a flexible and unified interface to work with big data.

With these new capabilities, developers can:
* Build and deploy scalable JSON-based applications – shorten application development cycles and avoid complex persistence methods while having the power to handle production workloads and global deployments
* Run continuous analytics – develop rich applications that leverage large scale, real-time analytics
* Gain faster time-to-value – quickly stand up more business applications on more data types and sources using familiar JSON patterns

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