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Product News : Altova Released MissionKit 2016
on 2015/9/30 8:17:44 (595 reads)
Product News

Altova has announced the release of Version 2016 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software products. This latest release introduces innovative new functionality including the first enterprise-grade graphical JSON Schema editor in XMLSpy, the revolutionary, long-anticipated MapForce Data Mapping Debugger for diagnosing and perfecting data mapping projects, Windows 10 support and updated database support across the product line, and so much more.

Some of the new features are detailed below:

* JSON Schema Editor. For the first time developers are able to utilize the graphical schema design paradigm pioneered by XMLSpy for XML Schema to build JSON Schemas in an intuitive, visual manor. The JSON Schema Editor in XMLSpy is a full-featured, graphical, drag and drop JSON Schema editor that significantly speeds schema generation, development, and validation for developers working with JSON. New support for JSON Schema-based validation also allows intelligent editing and validation of JSON instance documents in the XMLSpy JSON editor.

* Integration with Installed Raptor XML Servers. Now you can harness the benefits realized from parallel processing on multi-core RaptorXML Servers for lightning-fast XSLT and XQuery execution – directly inside XMLSpy. Running XSLT and XQuery execution in XMLSpy via integration with installed RaptorXML servers can increase XSLT and XQuery jobs by up to 14 times!*

* Data Mapping Debugger. The MapForce 2016 debugger is a revolutionary, interactive debugger that lets you examine your mapping output step by step to diagnose and perfect projects of any complexity. As a data mapping project executes in MapForce, the debugger will pause at static or conditional breakpoints that have been defined, so you can trace the intermediate processing operations and examine data values as the mapping progresses. The MapForce data mapping debugger gives you deep insight into the exact inner workings of your data integration and ETL projects in a way that was never possible before, not even in much higher-cost mapping products. The ability to easily define breakpoints, watch the data flow through a mapping, and examine throughput data at each step makes it much more efficient to isolate and resolve errors to produce the most accurate data mappings possible.

* Updated Support for C# 5 and Java 8. UModel, Altova’s UML tool for software modeling and application development, now supports the most recent versions of source code languages C# and Java. This functionality is vital for UModel users who may need to reverse engineer existing code and for round trip engineering.
* Updated OS and Database Support. Version 2016 of the Altova product line is the first release fully compatible with Windows 10. In addition, support for Firebird databases and the newest version of numerous supported databases has been added in all database-enabled Altova products.

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