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Product News : Selenium integration and enhanced Web Application Load Testing
on 2015/10/20 8:10:29 (389 reads)
Product News

RadView Software, provider of web and mobile load testing solutions, has announced WebLOAD 10.3, an enhanced version of its load and performance testing solution.

WebLOAD 10.3 expands the integration with various web technologies and tools, offering improved agile load testing of web applications. “WebLOAD 10.3 expands our vision for an open framework that allows performance engineers to test any technology and environment as well as incorporate load testing into the application lifecycle and Continuous Integration (CI) processes,” said Eyal Shalom, RadView CEO.

WebLOAD 10.3 key enhancements include:
* Selenium integration – Run Selenium WebDriver scripts in WebLOAD and combine simulated virtual user load with real browsers to evaluate real user experience.
* Push protocols support – load test applications using polling, streaming, long polling and server-sent events.
* XMLHttpRequest – easy integration of the JavaScript frameworks and code using the XMLHttpRequest object.
* Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery – smoothly incorporate load testing into a continuous delivery pipeline using Jenkins integration, integration with APM tools and shared Git storage of test configurations.

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