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Company News : VersionOne Acquires ClearCode Labs to Extend Operational Agile to DevOps
on 2015/10/20 8:10:00 (796 reads)
Company News

VersionOne, a vendor of agile lifecycle management solutions, announced that the company has acquired ClearCode Labs, a privately held software company that offers a continuous delivery platform for enterprises. This acquisition enables VersionOne to provide customers with a unified DevOps solution that extends VersionOne's agile lifecycle management platform. This end-to-end software delivery solution provides visibility across the entire software development lifecycle, from discovery through delivery.

"Enterprise organizations around the world are striving to accelerate the delivery of software to respond to changing business demands and outpace competitive market challenges," said VersionOne CEO Robert Holler. "Successfully achieving these goals remains challenging despite better processes, collaboration and tools. Combining VersionOne's agile solution with ClearCode's DevOps solution extends agile to help organizations optimize their end-to-end delivery lifecycles."

Through agile development, teams have accelerated software delivery and improved visibility into the software development lifecycle. Similarly, advancements in monitoring and analytics have helped IT operations gain more visibility into the health of production software. However, as software progresses through various build, test, staging, and pre-production stages during the critical transition between development and production, minimal visibility, disjointed release processes, and fragmented tools are prevalent.

With a unified DevOps solution, VersionOne helps organizations achieve the benefits of DevOps by automating, orchestrating, and visualizing the flow of change throughout the software delivery cycle. By integrating agile lifecycle management, continuous integration, and deployment management tools and processes, the combined solution helps organizations accelerate delivery, improve visibility, and increase release quality and consistency across the software development lifecycle. The integrated solution can easily sit on top of organization's existing continuous integration and deployment toolsets to minimize disruption to existing infrastructures.

"DevOps tools like source repositories, build servers, test and deployment automation have added speed and efficiency to the software delivery process," said Dennis Ehle, former CEO of ClearCode Labs, who will lead VersionOne's DevOps strategy. "However, these islands of automation can't provide the level of real-time visibility DevOps-focused organizations need to manage each stage of the delivery lifecycle. Combining VersionOne's and ClearCode's solutions redefines software delivery and provides the industry's first truly end-to-end software delivery platform." 

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