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Company News : Citus Data Secures $9.5 Million Funding to Scale Out PostgreSQL
on 2015/10/20 8:37:15 (627 reads)
Company News

Citus Data, creator of solutions that scale out PostgreSQL for real-time big data, announced it has secured $9.5 million in Series A funding. Citus Data powers the relational database, the mainstay of database infrastructure, to scale across hundreds of billions of events for real-time workloads. Instead of building the distributed database from scratch, the CitusDB database leverages the maturity and performance of the popular PostgreSQL database, recognized as the world's most advanced open source database.

CitusDB can:
* Enable companies who are already familiar with relational databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL or Oracle to scale to billions of data points, without starting or hiring from scratch
* Simplify complex big data architectures that require combining non-relational technologies such as Hadoop and NoSQL, and relational databases
* Bridge the gap between operational and analytics databases for real-time big data use cases such as customer-facing analytics dashboards and online reporting

Having an elastically scalable, real-time relational database that runs on commodity machines is a powerful addition to any modern data infrastructure, whether in the public, private or hybrid cloud. Unlike earlier approaches that create a fork of the underlying database for offline analytics, CitusDB tackles both real-time mixed analytic and short-request workloads simultaneously. It is also unique as a distributed database that always stays current with the latest version of the underlying project, allowing its users to leverage the extensible and open PostgreSQL ecosystem. CitusDB is easy to use; in particular, it requires few changes to the application layer, no middleware for users to manage, and offers day one productivity for existing database administrators and developers.

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