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Company News : Docker Acquires Tutum
on 2015/10/27 9:33:06 (636 reads)
Company News

Docker has announced the acquisition of Tutum and its cloud service to deploy and manage Dockerized applications into production on any infrastructure. By integrating Tutum with Docker Hub, a cloud service for automating development team workflows, Docker provides a complete commercial solution for IT teams to collaboratively build, ship and run production-ready distributed applications. Tutum’s service has been operational since October 2013, and has been used by thousands of organizations both to create their first Dockerized distributed applications and to create sustainable environments for the deployment and management of those applications in production.

The Tutum platform centers on a workflow, backed by a fully-integrated set of operational tooling, which enables development teams to move applications from build to production in minutes. Operations uses the same common framework to change, scale and manage distributed applications across any infrastructure on premise or in the cloud.

“Docker and Tutum share the common goal of building a toolset that inspires developer innovation, while providing operations teams with the ability to run distributed applications anywhere in production,” said Ben Golub, CEO of Docker. “Tutum has already been validated by our user community as the best way to achieve a seamless Docker user experience from the point of initial onboarding to running Dockerized applications in production. Users and customers alike are excited by the intersection of these two companies and the combined tooling that will result from our close collaboration.”

Development and Operations Share One Platform

Tutum has integrated all the technology necessary for both developers and operations to share in the management of their applications. Development teams using Tutum have found it to be a powerful tool in their DevOps initiatives and as a self-service solution for deploying and managing their applications. With a few clicks, developers can create and deploy a group of Docker containers focused on the same task and then pull them automatically from a registry such as Docker Hub. Similarly, developers are guided through a workflow that defines all the services that comprise a distributed application in a single file. Guided by these concepts, thousands of development teams and operations teams have been able to deploy Dockerized distributed applications into production for the first time, and can now use Tutum and Docker for a sustainable application creation, deployment, and management environment for their operations.

Operations teams have the flexibility to deploy and manage disparate distributed applications across different clouds or data centers with the ability to migrate the application from one environment to another. Moreover, operations teams can provision all aspects of the infrastructure for running production applications including configuration around networking and storage. There are also specific operational management dashboards for monitoring and logging.

Docker’s acquisition of Tutum aligns with the company’s vision to identify the companies that exhibit leadership in the ecosystem and that share a vision of expanding critical tooling for developers and sysadmins. Tutum is a Docker-native solution that fully supports the Docker API, ensuring that Docker’s openness extends to this commercial solution. By incorporating Tutum into the Docker family, the company is expanding its ability to extend a seamless Docker experience through commercial offerings that provide management and support of distributed applications at scale in production. Tutum is one of a series of acquisitions that have helped to build out Docker’s commercial and open source offerings, including acquisitions supporting functionality such as networking, storage and Docker Trusted Registry. Docker sells subscriptions both directly and through partners, which includes the software, support and maintenance you need to deploy a Docker application and operations environments at scale. 

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