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Product News : JetBrains Toolbox Updated
on 2015/11/3 10:04:12 (661 reads)
Product News

JetBrains has just updated its whole JetBrains Toolbox which includes all it desktop developer tools, and also launched the new subscription-based licensing model for these products.

Here is a short summary and highlights of each product update:
* ReSharper Ultimate 10 — ReSharper Build to avoid redundant rebuilds, continuous testing, timeline profiling inside Visual Studio, better code style management, NUnit 3.0 support, better understanding of C, new C++ quick-fixes and refactorings, improved JavaScript and TypeScript support including regular expressions and JSX/TSX syntax, decompiling to IL code.
* IntelliJ IDEA 15 — new features related to debugger, better user interface, more built-in tools and integrations, further improved coding assistance, and out-of-the-box support for Kotlin.
* PhpStorm 10 — improvements in PHP language support, editing experience, debugging, code analysis, and many other powerful features.
* WebStorm 11 — support for TypeScript 1.6, Flow and Angular 2, integration with Yeoman, and other across-the-board improvements.
* PyCharm 5 — brings an outstanding lineup of new features, including full Python 3.5 support, Docker integration, Thread Concurrency Visualization, and more.
* AppCode 3.3 — support for Xcode 7, Objective-C generics and multiple Swift 2 features.
* CLion 1.2 — introduces Google Test support, productivity features for CMake, C++ debugger performance improvements, new VCS features and more.
* RubyMine 8 — improved experience in managing gems with Rbenv gemsets and a better Bundler, faster debugger and more.
* 0xDBE 1.0 Preview — our database IDE is nearly finished.

Starting today, all above products are only available under the new licensing model. For customers with valid upgrade subscription, there is no need to switch to the new model immediately, as they still receive all product updates until the upgrade subscription expires. After that they will be able to switch to the new model and use the special offer we have for existing customers. One important addition that JetBrains Toolbox makes possible is a special ‘All Products’ plan allowing customers to use any of the above products depending on the current needs.

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