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Product News : Node.js Version 5 Released
on 2015/11/3 10:11:12 (1881 reads)
Product News

As an asynchronous event driven JavaScript framework, Node.js is designed to build scalable network applications. Node.js v5 is an intermediate feature release line that is best suited for users who have an easier time upgrading their Node.js installations, such as developers using the technology for front-end toolchains. This version will be supported for a maximum of only eight months and will be continually updated with new features and better performance; it is not supported under our LTS plan.

The release cadence for v5.x will be more rapid than in the past. Expect a new release once every one to two weeks for v5.x. If upgrading is a challenge for you, we suggest you do not use this release. There will be significant ongoing development. The focus is on getting the releases to users as soon as possible.

npm has been upgraded to v3 in Node.js v5.0.0, which (amongst other changes) will install dependencies as flat as possible in node_modules. v5.0.0 also comes with V8 4.6, which ships the and spread operator JavaScript language features. If you want to learn more about other technical details around this, please check out our release post.

It’s another top-quality release from us, and we are averaging roughly 50 unique contributors per month to the codebase. We are extremely excited with all the enthusiasm and amazing work that is going into this Node.js v5 and future releases.

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