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Product News : PHP 7.0 Released
on 2015/12/8 8:39:56 (1516 reads)
Product News

PHP 7.0 brings you unprecedented levels of real-world performance and throughput by utilizing the new and advanced Zend Engine 3.0, designed and refactored for speed and reduced memory consumption. This translates to real-world benefits: greatly decreased response times, superior user experiences, and the ability to serve more users with fewer servers to maximize the power of your PHP 7.0 deployment.

The explosive performance improvements of PHP 7.0 range between 50% and 200% on real-world apps - without changing a single line of code. PHP 7.0 also uses much less memory thanks to the compact data structures and the highly-refactored codebase of Zend Engine 3.0. Memory consumption gains between 30% and 50% are commonly realized, allowing you to serve more concurrent users without adding additional server hardware.

If light-speed PHP isn’t enough, you’ll be happy to know that PHP 7.0 comes with many new features, including Return Type Declarations, Scalar Type Hints, Anonymous Classes, and even a SpaceShip Operator. Check out our PHP 7 Resources page. 

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