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Product News : SonarSource and Compuware Partner on COBOL Code Quality
on 2016/1/5 8:11:02 (870 reads)
Product News

Compuware and SonarSource are helping large enterprises protect and increase the long-term value of their mainframe applications by 1) giving mainframe-inexperienced developers with mainstream programming skills the ability to rapidly deliver quality COBOL code and 2) simplifying smart management of agile mainframe development activities.

Both these capabilities are essential for enterprises with mainframes. The first is essential because enterprises must more frequently update their legacy applications to fulfill rapidly changing business requirements—even as their experienced COBOL programmers retire. By integrating Compuware Topaz® Workbench—an intuitive Eclipse-based environment for mainframe source-code editing, debugging, and tuning—with SonarSource’s SonarLint, which automatically discovers defects introduced into COBOL code, the companies are enabling IT to assign vital mainframe tasks to mainstream-skilled developers without putting application integrity at risk.

The second is essential because IT managers need clear visibility into individual, team, and project metrics as they seek to increase the agility of their mainframe environments and aggressively shift responsibility for COBOL development to programmers with little or no mainframe experience. Leveraging Jenkins for continuous integration and integrating Topaz Workbench with SonarSource’s SonarQube - a popular dashboard for tracking defects, complexity and technical debt - these managers can more easily keep projects on schedule and address shortfalls in developer performance.

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