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Company News : npm Shows Rapid Gains in the Enterprise With Developers
on 2016/2/23 10:20:18 (786 reads)
Company News

npm, Inc., the most widely used package manager for JavaScript, has shared growth metrics showcasing its fast adoption in the enterprise in 2015. Developers at more than 50 percent of the Fortune 1000 are using npm to share and reuse code, and the company's revenue has seen double-digit month-over-month growth in the past year. Furthermore, npm users have downloaded 25 billion packages within the last year, showing tremendous growth of the platform. A major priority for npm going forward will be to support the community's success in leveraging npm for Open Source and at work.

npm's package manager supports more than 3.4 million active developers, with 2.5 billion packages downloaded every month. More than 80 percent of npm's downloads occurred in 2015, demonstrating the hyper growth of the platform among developers and enterprise users. The popularity of service oriented architectures and microservices now requires sophisticated orchestration with hundreds of SDKs for APIs and other independent pieces of code. npm's ability to install, publish and manage JavaScript packages, in addition to its versioning capabilities with different dependencies, have made it a must-have in developers' toolkits as they adopt a more modular approach to development.

"It's great to see npm's growth trajectory continue to rise, particularly as enterprises start to see that they can reap the benefits of open-source style collaboration without compromising security by using our private and on-premises solutions," said Isaac Schlueter, CEO at npm Inc. "The InnerSource movement is changing the way teams work together for greater velocity and better product integrity. We're happy to be a part of accelerating that shift."

Highlights from the past year:
* npm raised $8M in Series A funding: npm received funding from Bessemer Venture Partners and True Ventures to accelerate hiring and establish a larger headquarters in Oakland, California. The company had previously raised $2.6 million in seed funding in 2014 from True Ventures, Asynch Media, and a number of individual investors.
* npm launched Private Packages to accelerate module-driven development: allowing individual and teams of developers to securely collaborate and manage private packages of code. A few companies leveraging this product include Social Tables, Estates, and Sierra Monitoring Corporation.
* npm launched npm On-Site: allowing enterprise customers like Bede Gaming, Docusign, and uShip to host their own, on-premises private npm registry, safely behind their own company firewall.
* Continued to maintain commitment to Oakland HQ and diversity efforts: npm established a new headquarters in downtown Oakland and continues its commitment to building diversity policies into hiring and community efforts.
* Expanded company footprint: npm tripled the size of the company with the hiring of 16 new employees, including well-known open source advocate and CSS guru Nicole Sullivan as web engineering manager.

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