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Product News : Databricks Offers APIs to Enable Agile Application Development With Apache Spark for the Enterprise
on 2016/4/5 11:32:53 (545 reads)
Product News

Databricks, the company behind Apache Spark, has launched a new set of APIs that will enable enterprises to automate their Spark infrastructure to accelerate the deployment of production data-driven applications.

Today's enterprise data platform must satisfy the disparate needs of multiple constituents as they work together to deploy production data-driven applications. While developers and DevOps teams operate in command line and APIs to automate infrastructure, data scientists demand a visual environment to create algorithms. Without a unified platform, enterprises suffer from a sprawl of tools, leading to long application development cycles and high IT infrastructure complexity. With the addition of secure APIs to an integrated workspace, Databricks natively supports this full spectrum of enterprise needs in one platform -- a capability not yet available anywhere else.

Databricks users will now have the ability to implement Agile Development best practices, such as continuous integration, in tandem with performing real-time data analysis and visualization. Added benefits to enterprises include:
* Faster release cycles of Spark applications;
* Higher reliability in Spark infrastructure deployments;
* Improved oversight and management of Apache Spark infrastructure expense in the cloud.

"Agile data-driven application development requires data scientists to work in perfect sync with DevOps, but these teams lack a unified platform to connect their separate workflows," said Ali Ghodsi, CEO of Databricks. "The addition of Databricks APIs will enable these constituents to work seamlessly in one platform, allowing them to act on hidden insights from their data and create unique competitive advantages for the business."

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