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Product News : ZenHub releases Epics for Project Management Inside GitHub
on 2016/4/5 12:04:17 (1176 reads)
Product News

ZenHub, the only project management tool integrated natively in GitHub, has released ZenHub Epics – an upgrade to task management in GitHub.  ZenHub Epics are the easiest way for software teams to plan and execute product backlogs – bringing a level of focus to the development process not previously achievable for GitHub's millions of users.

This release is a competitive move by the company, which is just over one year old. Coupled with a steady stream of product improvements, ZenHub is luring software-driven teams away from "traditional" project management tools. Recently, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (creators of the Mars Rover) made the switch to ZenHub and GitHub; other fans include Docker, VMware, Adobe, and Starbucks – to name a few.

Legacy project management tools have faced criticism by their end users – software developers – for steep learning curves, bloated feature sets, or prohibitive permissions structures. ZenHub provides a fundamentally different approach to the project management process – putting control in the hands of developers, not a gated administrator; placing the code on centre stage; and providing just enough process to help teams move as fast as possible.

"Epics" are a user-centered tool for planning software releases; they're considered a cornerstone of agile software development methodology. Previously, GitHub users either had to jump into a third-party tool (a major distraction), or use laborious workarounds, to approximate what an epic accomplishes. ZenHub Epics enable teams to create epics directly in GitHub, then get right back to work.

"We're excited to continue building on our momentum with the release of epics in GitHub," says Matt Butler, ZenHub's co-founder. "We've seen incredible traction in the past year. Seeing iconic organizations like NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab switch over is evidence that companies are prizing speed over process –  and the satisfaction of their team over legacy systems."

ZenHub keeps teams focused within largest technical collaboration platform in the world: GitHub. As the only solution natively integrated in GitHub's interface, customers save the equivalent of forty workdays per year with the tool, which offers features like visual task boards,  burndown charts to track velocity, and a personal task manager. ZenHub Enterprise, the company's on-premise solution for GitHub Enterprise users, will also support epics.

About ZenHub

ZenHub is the only project management tool integrated natively in GitHub and GitHub Enterprise, helping agile teams focus on what they do best: ship amazing software. Built specifically for software-driven teams, ZenHub and ZenHub Enterprise are trusted by teams at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Docker, Adobe, and Microsoft, among many others. 

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