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Product News : SmartBear Simplifies API Testing for Mobile Application Developers
on 2016/4/19 13:06:36 (647 reads)
Product News

SmartBear Software has released improvements to its enterprise API readiness platform, Ready! API, to simplify API testing for mobile application providers and speed time to delivery through advanced API recording and mocking capabilities.

Mobile applications depend heavily on APIs as their connection to back-end and cloud-based infrastructure. In a recent landmark survey1 conducted by SmartBear on API usage and development, more than 64 percent of API providers support mobile application experiences and 54 percent of all respondents point to mobile technologies as a key factor in API growth in the next two years. Software professionals who build these modern digital experiences require fast and reliable methods of simulating input errors, validating the accuracy of API data and testing the performance of APIs under high volume conditions.

Ready! API, the world’s first end-to-end API readiness platform, includes capabilities to record real-time traffic from mobile devices and other software, producing reusable tests and virtualized mock services from captured API interactions. Recording from real-time traffic simplifies and accelerates the process of creating testing structures, saving developers and QA engineers valuable time in the software development and testing cycles.

With updates to Ready! API 1.7, developers and QA engineers can:
* Easily filter traffic to and from APIs based on content type, host or HTTP verb properties
* Simulate previously captured traffic as automated regression tests
* Generate dynamic virtual APIs for other teams and partners

“Both the mobile industry and API economy have experienced accelerated growth beyond expectation,” said Gail Shlansky, Director of API Products at SmartBear. “As a standard for providing data and functionality to mobile applications, APIs are in high demand. This increase in demand requires development teams to adopt new approaches like Agile and DevOps to deliver high quality APIs faster than ever before. Ready! API enables these teams to work more productively, automate redundant tasks and work in parallel using the same set of tools.” 

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