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Product News : Minimesos Brings Mesos Simulation and Testing to Developer Laptops
on 2016/5/31 7:27:22 (501 reads)
Product News

Container Solutions, a pan-European company delivering software engineering services and building tools for microservices developers, has taken the wraps off the latest version of its minimesos project. Minimesos is an open source testing and experiment tool for Apache Mesos, the distributed systems kernel.

Minimesos solves a problem common among developers of container-based applications. Moving microservice applications from a laptop to production environments is challenging because the target platform is different than the local one. Developers need a way to create a production-like environment on their desktops for building, experimenting and testing. To solve this, minimesos allows developers to quickly bring up a containerized Apache Mesos cluster on their laptop, complete with Apache Zookeeper and Weave Scope, for visualization.

Minimesos is simple: users can start a Mesos cluster on the command line or via the Java API. It is logically isolated: Mesos master, slave and Zookeeper processes run in separate Docker containers. And, minimesos is integrated: it exposes framework, state and task information to its Cluster State API. A new version of minimesos, v0.9.0, is now available. It adds the minimesos ps command, which shows what is running on the cluster. It prints the framework, the task name and its state. An uninstall command is added in the latest version, as well as tokens for IP addresses in Marathon JSON files. 

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