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Product News : Neotys Announces NeoSense 2.0
on 2016/6/21 9:08:22 (642 reads)
Product News

Neotys has announced NeoSense 2.0, an enhanced version of its synthetic monitoring solution for application performance and availability.

The release of NeoSense 2.0, available with a free trial, helps teams increase the level of automation in their continuous performance validation workflow and pinpoint the root cause of application performance issues with greater accuracy. NeoSense 2.0 also adds an infrastructure monitoring dimension to its advanced synthetic monitoring capabilities so that users can get a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of an application's performance problems.

"NeoSense 2.0 enhances our customers' ability to pin down performance issue root cause as quickly as possible by having proactive synthetic monitoring and infrastructure monitoring work in union," says Thibaud Bussière, Neotys President and Co-founder. "This new release aims to increase the speed of team collaboration on application performance, even in extreme agile and DevOps environments."

NeoSense 2.0 Key Enhancements

Infrastructure Monitoring Dimension - NeoSense's current synthetic transaction monitoring (STM) dimension provides insight on application performance and availability from the end-user perspective. NeoSense 2.0 adds a new infrastructure monitoring dimension (IM) to help identify the source of performance problems. IM works in conjunction with STM to alert teams of performance, health and availability issues on their applications. Every NeoSense subscription includes the new infrastructure monitoring dimension at no extra cost.

Turbo IM - When an STM alert is raised for an application, Turbo IM will kick in and collect infrastructure monitoring data at a more frequent rate in order to detect the root cause of the issue as soon as possible.

Automated User Path Deployment - NeoSense 2.0 automates user path deployment, even in team collaboration environments. User paths designed in NeoLoad or the Neotys Design Studio can now be sent to NeoSense with a single click. If Continuous Integration servers like Jenkins and Bamboo are used to run automated NeoLoad performance tests, the user paths from those tests can be automatically deployed to NeoSense when tests pass. Finally, teams that collaborate on user path designs can now pull those latest designs from the Neotys Team Server (or any SVN server) to NeoSense through the GUI or via a command line.

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