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Product News : Metavine Announces Genesis Platform
on 2016/6/28 8:29:17 (871 reads)
Product News

Metavine announces the release of Metavine Genesis™, an open, expert system driven, declarative software development platform that transforms the way intelligent Cloud and IoT applications are designed and deployed. Genesis is application development, in a zero code environment, that automates the laborious tasks that often distract developers and cause significant resources to be spent on work that results in poor customer satisfaction with no competitive differentiation. By allowing developers to focus on solving real business problems, they are more innovative and produce compelling application solutions, fast.

Genesis provides a unique visualized development process that allows developers to form microservices, RESTful APIs, integrations, process flows and rules to create solutions. It removes the concept of writing code and with it the process of debugging. It allows the developer to move from a developer/ coder mentality to a designer/developer model. This approach for generating Cloud and IoT applications places more responsibility in the hands of the people who define business needs, freeing them from typical engineering constraints. Application development becomes more collaborative and highly creative, involving technologists, solutions architects, designers, and line of business people performing crossfunctional work to produce agile business results.

Genesis Platform Specifics

The Genesis Design Studio includes: 1) comprehensive data modeling, 2) deep data integration, from low level database calls to 3rd Party Web Services and RESTful APIs, 3) an intuitive visual workflow capability, 4) a contextually aware and extensible, expert systems driven, rules engine, 5) Drag and drop UI creation, and 6) release management for application versioning. Further, Genesis is purpose built to address the security, scalability and reliability requirements of enterprise-class Cloud and IoT applications. Genesis monitors and optimizes application performance, ensuring high availability. Data encryption, both at rest and on the fly, is also supported. 

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