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Product News :  Agile Worx Launches Agile Management Platform
on 2016/9/6 8:33:21 (563 reads)
Product News

Agile Worx, an innovative provider of agile life cycle management tools, has announced the release of the Agile Worx agile management platform which allows companies to adopt a hybrid agile approach to software, hardware and firmware development.

"In recent years, Agile has become the preeminent method for developing technology products.  However, many businesses struggle with adopting agile methods, and often fail to reap the expected benefits," said Agile Worx CEO David Bishop Ph.D. "For over five years, we conducted intensive research on how the most successful technology companies leveraged agile to achieve number one in their markets.  We transformed this research into the patent-pending Metagility process which serves as the underpinnings of Agile Worx," he added.*   

Agile Worx approaches ALM (Agile Life Cycle Management) much differently from its competitors. To achieve this differentiation for its customers, Agile Worx includes the following features:
* Most ALM vendors support only the development process from the bottom up with requirements and task management.  Agile Worx transforms the way technology companies do business by supporting agility from the top down with over one hundred metrics and analytics.
* Agile Worx includes an innovative user interface that gives managers instant status on the programs, projects and teams.  No more searching and sifting through endless graphs and statistics to find out what's going on!
* Agile Worx is the only ALM tool built to support hybrid agile-waterfall implementations and IOT (embedded systems) from the ground up.

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