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Product News : Quali Announces Jenkins Pipeline Plugin
on 2016/9/13 9:04:38 (513 reads)
Product News

Quali, the leading Cloud Sandbox software for DevOps automation, announced availability of the Jenkins pipeline plug-in to speed up application release automation.

Quali's Jenkins Plugin allows DevOps teams to control CloudShell Sandboxes directly from Jenkins' pipeline. It associates Jenkins jobs with Quali Sandboxes, giving them the power to run jobs on full-stack, sandbox environments rather than just simple nodes. Quali's Jenkins Pipeline plugin allows users to associate sandbox environments for each stage of a CD pipeline, enabling the automated setup and teardown of production-like environments throughout the application release process. In the new plugin it's possible to use simple pipeline steps in your pipeline-script / JenkinsFile like "StartSandbox" and "StopSandbox" to control CloudShell Sandboxes.

The Jenkins plugin is open-sourced and is immediately available on Quali's Developer Community.


"Jenkins is an incredible tool for streamlining the application build, test, and release process, but without a sandboxing tool in place you can only go so far," said Joan Wrabetz, Chief Technology Officer of Quali. "Today's applications, especially those developed for the enterprise, need to be developed and tested in sandbox environments that can truly replicate production-like deployments with full support for networking, cloud, virtualization, app deployment, and configuration of physical resources like network gear, storage, and even IoT."

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