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Product News : The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Kudu 1.0
on 2016/9/20 8:42:13 (546 reads)
Product News

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has announced the availability of Apache® Kudu™ v1.0, the Open Source columnar storage engine built for the Apache Hadoop® ecosystem.

Apache Kudu is designed to enable flexible, high-performance analytic pipelines.Optimized for lightning-fast scans, Kudu is particularly well suited to hosting time-series data and various types of operational data. In addition to its impressive scan speed, Kudu supports many operations available in traditional databases, including real-time insert, update, and delete operations. Kudu enables a "bring your own SQL" philosophy, and supports being accessed by multiple different query engines including such other Apache projects as Drill™, Spark™, and Impala (incubating).

"The Apache Kudu 1.0 release represents a major milestone for the project," said Todd Lipcon, Vice President of Apache Kudu. "One year after the first public beta, the community is confident that Kudu is ready for production for critical business use cases."

Apache Kudu 1.0 is the project's first milestone release since first joining The Apache Software Foundation a year ago, and includes a number of important features that include:
* Support for redundant and highly available Kudu Master nodes;
* Support for manual management of range partitioning, critical for time series workloads;
* Rewritten integration with Apache Spark, including Spark SQL and Data Frame APIs;
* An officially supported client library for Python; and
* Substantial performance improvements both for random access and analytic workloads.

These features, along with hundreds of other improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations, represent the work of more than 40 contributors in the Apache community.  Apache Kudu is in use at numerous organizations around the world, spanning industries such as retail, online service delivery, risk management, and digital advertising. Early users of Kudu include Xiaomi (the world's fourth largest smart-phone maker), JD Mall (China's largest B2C online retailer), and RMS (the market leader in catastrophe risk modelling).

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