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Product News : Anchore 1.0 Delivers Container-Based Certification
on 2016/10/11 9:21:30 (693 reads)
Product News

Anchore announcedthe commercial release of its flagship product. Anchore gives developers, operations and security teams unparalleled visibility into their containers and the chain of custody at every stage in the development lifecycle. Anchore also announced that it raised close to $5 million in venture capital funding.

Anchore works seamlessly with an enterprise's IT infrastructure whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud, regardless of the image registry, container runtime or orchestration platforms. With Anchore's on-premise offering organizations can easily integrate container inspection and analysis into the CI/CD pipeline to ensure that corporate policies are enforced. Anchore's SaaS offering lets users conduct container inspections and visualizations and will include tools to vet, certify, inspect and synchronize container images to ensure that they comply with standards policies defined by the organization. These policies cover more than basic operating system vulnerabilities and can be customized to include operating system packages, third party packages, software artifacts and configuration files.

Using plug-ins for CI/CD platforms such as Jenkins organizations can ensure that container images are inspected during each stage of the software development pipeline. Compatible with public container registries such as DockerHub, Anchore will interact with container platforms, including Kubernetes, Mesos, CoreOS, ECS, and Google Container Engine. 

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