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Product News : SlamData 4.0 Adds Analytic Support to More NoSQL Databases
on 2016/10/18 7:00:39 (853 reads)
Product News

SlamData has announced the release of SlamData 4.0, which marks the debut of new connectors for modern data sources. SlamData 4.0 now supports MongoDB, Apache Spark on Hadoop, MarkLogic and Couchbase.

"SlamData's mission has always been to completely solve the biggest problem facing enterprise BI — data chaos," said Jeff Carr, SlamData's CEO and cofounder. "We proved that we could do analytics natively on any type of data without ETL, starting with MongoDB. Soon, we will cover all the most popular enterprise data sources to complete our mission to deliver BI across enterprise's modern, polyglot data, including RDBMS, NoSQL Hadoop, and Streaming."

What distinguishes SlamData from every other solution rests in its core innovation: Multi-dimensional Relational Algebra, a mathematical extension of relational algebra capable of performing advanced analytics on any data model as it exists. MRA is an industry breakthrough that provides the first fully general-purpose semantics for analytics on complex and heterogeneous data models found in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. Combined with SlamData's advanced analytics compiler, the technology is able to execute any type of analytics on any type of data, without data relocation or ETL.

"Enterprises are tired of BI analytics engines that can only handle small extracts of well-formed data from legacy data warehouses," said John De Goes, CTO and cofounder of SlamData. "It just takes too long to get answers, and requires too many people and too much work. Companies want answers today, not 12 months from now, across hundreds of data silos, no matter how complex the data and no matter where it's located. Powered by MRA, SlamData's advanced analytics compiler pushes analytical computation on any kind of data to anywhere. It's the biggest breakthrough in Enterprise analytics since the invention of OLAP."

SlamData 4.0 is open source and is used by thousands across software development and data analysis projects in IoT, healthtech, SaaS, devops and more. The company's proprietary licensed version, SlamData Advanced Edition, delivers out-of-the-box enterprise features that allow quick setup of complex, secure implementations including authentication, multi-tenant security, and auditing, as well as powerful developer APIs.

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