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Product News : CollabNet Announces DevOps Lifecycle Manager
on 2016/11/8 9:21:07 (678 reads)
Product News

CollabNet has announced CollabNet DevOps Lifecycle Manager (DLM). This platform advances DevOps with innovation that connects software development with operations and the business in several new ways. CollabNet DLM improves processes by providing traceability and visibility to the entire software development lifecycle including across DevOps tool chains. At the operational level, it enables strong business decisions by providing insightful KPI reports across the entire lifecycle from planning to operations. CollabNet DLM also increases efficiency by automating and orchestrating processes.

CollabNet  represents an evolution in software development lifecycle management -- connecting tools and processes, providing workflow automation and KPI data that can reveal risk and improve quality

The innovations in CollabNet DLM overcome tool and process silos and the limited visibility and weak operational support that affect quality for DevOps-driven application delivery. Ultimately, CollabNet DLM delivers a level of transparency that enables everyone to make informed decisions based on business priorities.

The product uses operational data to provide an intelligent correlation and traceability capability to enable new levels of decision making; KPI data, for example, that can reveal whether hidden issues in a software release would cause the number of service desk tickets to increase. Because CollabNet DLM collects metrics from the tools and activities from the chained associations, it can surface powerful reports. A single pane of glass allows viewers to review metrics such as: features vs. incidents vs. releases vs. time-to-fix. The real-time visibility makes it possible to course-correct in near real-time, expedite quality-issue resolution, and shorten cycle times via automation.  This is just one example of what makes this a next generation DevOps solution.

CollabNet DLM is unique its ability to give enterprises the visibility, end-to-end integration of tools, context for relationships between tools and processes, and automation of workflows across all stages of the DevOps lifecycle. The innovations in this new product are in three areas. Coverage – this solution makes it easier to view and understand software development efforts because it covers the whole software development lifecycle and integrates and orchestrates processes, people, and popular DevOps tools they use. Reporting of KPIs – CollabNet DLM is unique in serving the Ops or operational needs by collecting metrics from the tools and processes and delivering KPI reports that reveal risk areas and opportunities for immediate course-correction at key points in the process. Automation and Collaboration– CollabNet DLM includes workflow automation, and cross-functional collaboration.  

Key features of CollabNet DLM include:
* Tool Integrations across Planning, Coding, Build, Test, Deploy, Collaboration, Monitoring and Ticketing.
* Visibility and Traceability of work items across DevOps tools chain.
* Business & Technical Management Console where the most relevant business and technical KPI's are displayed.
* Event-driven Automation workflows throughout the DevOps lifecycle.
* Bi-directional Feedback Loop to provide actionable intelligence both upstream and downstream.

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