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Company News : JFrog Acquires Conan
on 2016/11/22 9:59:21 (836 reads)
Company News

JFrog has announced the acquisition of Conan, the fast-growing open source C/C++ package manager. Only two weeks after the announcement of its PHP support, JFrog takes a leap forward and expands its solution by providing the C/C++ market with the first binary repository and dependency manager solution.

JFrog announced a $50 million funding round earlier in the year, part of which was earmarked for rapid growth and development of the company's technology and platform. The acquisition, is a strategic step for the company and its development plans.

"Software companies must release updates fast no matter what language or technology trend they are riding on," noted Shlomi Ben Haim, JFrog's CEO. "We have built a universal solution and the C/C++ community is sitting on the world's largest codebase. We have recognized a real enterprise need among our install base of 3,000 customers, but most of them simply don't have a solution for their binary management. The Conan team has built a versatile and flexible platform for C/C++ developers that helps them build better software, faster. With Conan on board we are offering a real software automation and DevOps solution for the C/C++ community."

Diego Rodriguez-Losada and Luis Martínez de Bartolomé, primary OSS contributors, will join the JFrog team to build new C/C++ capabilities into JFrog's existing and new products - Artifactory, Bintray, Xray, and Mission Control. "As a member of the C/C++ community, we love to help build the best software possible, as fast as possible," said Rodriguez-Losada. "Our vision is aligned with JFrog's. Conan will now utilize JFrog's Enterprise-ready solutions in order to build and release C/C++ packages, and empowering JFrog's products with Conan will open a whole new automated world for the C/C++ community," added Martinez de Bartolomé.

C/C++ are one of the world's most popular and historic programming languages, with an estimated 4.5 million C/C++ programmers, and two million C programmers. With a 40 year legacy, C/C++ have been used to build every type of application from embedded systems to mobile apps. Conan and JFrog are attending Meeting C++, the premiere C/C++ developer event in Berlin, Germany, and will be talking to attendees about how to put DevOps into practice for this unique community.

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