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Product News : Veracode Greenlight Lets Software Developers Spot Security Defects in Seconds
on 2017/1/25 10:39:00 (706 reads)
Product News

Veracode has announced the availability of Veracode Greenlight, a new product to support developers' need to provide quality, secure code faster than ever before. Veracode Greenlight integrates seamlessly into popular development environments, making security just one more part of the software development process and reducing the disruption and time associated with adopting secure coding practices.

The short and cyclical nature of DevOps and CI/CD development environments requires developers to maintain a rapid pace of innovation in order to drive business growth. Finding vulnerabilities late in the software lifecycle disrupts this process by slowing down production and release cycles and increasing development costs. According to NIST, fixing vulnerabilities in the coding stage provides a 10x cost savings versus fixing vulnerabilities in the testing stage.

Veracode Greenlight identifies vulnerabilities and provides advice for fixing security defects within the developers' integrated development environment (IDE). By integrating into existing IDEs, security is embedded directly into the development process so developers can remediate defects at the point with the lowest cost and least amount of disruption. This provides the speed and agility DevOps and CI/CD environments require and helps developers meet both security and functional requirements for their code.

Veracode Greenlight scans code through the full SaaS-based Veracode Static Analysis engine to provide a high availability and scalable solution that delivers high accuracy and a low false positive rate. Customers will benefit from a cutting-edge technology, strengthened by more than 10 years of application security expertise. Combined with the Veracode Static Analysis Solution, Veracode Greenlight ensures consistent results for security and development teams enabling applications to pass compliance much faster than if development and security tests were conducted separately and with disparate results. 

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