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Product News : XebiaLabs Introduces Release as Code for Dual-Mode Enterprise DevOps
on 2017/2/1 10:50:08 (624 reads)
Product News

XebiaLabs announced new “code-centric” capabilities in the latest version of its enterprise DevOps platform, version 6.1. These features empower developers to more easily manage software delivery pipelines using the method they know best—code—while less technical team members can continue to use XebiaLabs’ highly regarded visual user interface.

Application Release Automation has become a critical function for successfully managing the complex release pipelines found in today’s enterprises. It’s also crucial to be able to share release data with teams across the business. XebiaLabs 6.1 introduces new code-centric features that let teams define releases entirely with code in addition to using the familiar visual user interface. It also allows for easy integration with code-centric tools such as Jenkins.

New Xfile DSL for code-centric release definitions – Releases can now be defined in XL Release using code in an Xfile, a Groovy-based DSL designed for release definitions as code. This feature works side by side with XL Release’s current visual release definition capabilities, so users can choose the method that works best for them.

Integration with other code-centric tools – The new version also includes an enhanced integration with Jenkins that allows developers to start a release or a deployment directly from a Jenkinsfile. Developers can also create and upload packages directly from a Jenkinsfile. These improvements let teams who are using the new Jenkinsfile format work with XebiaLabs using code rather than working through the Jenkins UI

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