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Product News : JNBridge Debuts JNBridgePro 8.1
on 2017/3/8 10:31:20 (964 reads)
Product News

JNBridge, the leading provider of interoperability tools to connect Java and .NET frameworks, today announced the release of JNBridgePro 8.1. The release ensures compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, reflecting the company's long-standing commitment to its customers by supporting the latest versions of the underlying software. It also coincides with JNBridge's 15th anniversary -- a significant milestone in a journey dedicated to improving Java-.NET interoperability.

JNBridgePro connects any Java- and .NET framework-based components so that they work together quickly and easily -- providing direct access to best-of-breed components and reducing development costs and time to market. It delivers full access to .NET classes from Java as if they were Java classes, and full access to Java from .NET as if they were .NET classes. With JNBridgePro, there's no need for source code, as it exposes any Java and .NET binary. JNBridgePro also delivers full access to any API on the other side, whether or not it's service-enabled. The latest release, JNBridgePro 8.1, includes all the features and functionality of previous versions, and adds support for Visual Studio 2017, which was released today.

"Fifteen years ago, concurrent with Microsoft's introduction of .NET, JNBridgePro emerged as an industry leading solution to bridge Java and .NET, and cost effectively ensure interoperability between the two frameworks," said Wayne Citrin, CTO, JNBridge. "Now, with support for Visual Studio 2017, JNBridgePro 8.1 continues to make cross-platform communication simple and cost-effective."

Interestingly, Visual Studio is celebrating an anniversary today as well -- its 20th -- while, like JNBridgePro, .NET recently celebrated its 15th. JNBridge has been in lockstep with both over the years, keeping pace with new releases and providing an easy answer for frustrated developers.

"Cross-platform interoperability is a key challenge for developers today, especially with the deluge of new technologies and languages that must work seamlessly with existing ones," said Shawn Nandi, Senior Director, Cloud App Dev and Data Marketing for Microsoft Corp., "JNBridgePro 8.1 -- and its support for Visual Studio 2017 -- is a solid solution for developers charged with improving Java-and .NET compatibility."

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