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Product News : EnterpriseDB Integrates With Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
on 2017/5/4 8:17:42 (1042 reads)
Product News

EnterpriseDB® (EDB™), the database platform company for digital business, announced that EDB has collaborated with Red Hat to accelerate access to the EDB Postgres™ Platform on Red Hat OpenShift® Container Application Platform. Red Hat designated EDB as a member of the OpenShift Primed program to acknowledge EDB's development of a containerized EDB Postgres Platform. EDB Postgres Advanced Server (database) and EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery can be easily provisioned and managed through Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. EDB's Red Hat-certified container images will be published in the Red Hat Container Catalog.

The EDB Postgres Platform Containerized

EDB worked closely with Red Hat to certify a set of two Linux containers for the Red Hat Container Repository:
* One container is preconfigured with the EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server 9.5 database, EDB Postgres™ Failover Manager, and pgPool for load balancing. This container for the EDB Postgres Platform allows the database container image to be configured as a high availability cluster with built-in load balancing.
* The other container is preconfigured with EDB Postgres™ Backup and Recovery.

Together, these containers offer a highly resilient enterprise-grade database solution for deployment of the EDB Postgres Platform. 

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