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Product News : Puppet Announces Availability of Puppet Enterprise 2017.2
on 2017/5/18 7:03:02 (715 reads)
Product News

Puppet has announced the general availability of Puppet Enterprise 2017.2, and upcoming availability of Puppet 5 Platform, the latest version of Open Source Puppet. Significant updates to Puppet Enterprise 2017.2, now also available in Japanese, empower customers to orchestrate changes and phased deployments across their software with visual workflows, and greater visibility into the software packages running, no matter how they are managed. Additionally, Puppet's core open source platform, Puppet 5 Platform, includes upgraded features offering open source customers an even more powerful common language to deliver and operate all of their software.

"Today's organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver better software faster. For enterprise IT, that means changing from releasing updates once every few quarters to delivering great software on demand -- that's a significant shift," said Omri Gazitt, chief product officer, Puppet. "Puppet helps with that shift. Puppet gives enterprise IT the modern automation needed for DevOps agility, predictability and security. This release makes it easier than ever for IT to get started with automation, from visibility into unmanaged infrastructure, to better control for delivering software change."

Significant new capabilities of Puppet Enterprise 2017.2 include:

* Package inspection: Users get started with automation by quickly identifying packages that aren't being automatically managed, but should be. With package inspection, Puppet Enterprise users report on unmanaged infrastructure, making it easy to see the systems that would benefit most from automation to ensure their most critical software has the right maintenance updates, security patches and licenses.
* Visual orchestration workflows: Users orchestrate infrastructure and application deployments entirely from within the Puppet Enterprise web UI, without writing a single line of Puppet code. Enterprises can target specific infrastructure environments using drop-down menus and filters, define workflows, monitor deployment status in real-time, and start, stop or restart deployments as needed, all with the click of a button.

Also announced today is Puppet's newest open source innovations, including Lumogon™ and Puppet 5 Platform. Updates to Puppet 5 Platform, the company's core open source offering, which includes Puppet Agent, Puppet Server and PuppetDB, make it easier for users to download, implement and upgrade their Puppet deployment. The Puppet 5 Platform's suite of components are guaranteed to work together without requiring the additional testing and troubleshooting commonly associated with other open source tools.

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