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Product News : Sencha Announces ExtReact
on 2017/5/18 7:22:48 (971 reads)
Product News

Sencha has announced ExtReact, designed to enable React developers to add beautiful and powerful UI components to their applications with efficiency and ease.

Until now, React developers have been forced to build their own UI components from scratch -- a time consuming process that comes with significant integration and long-term maintenance risks. With the release of ExtReact, developers can quickly add sophisticated, commercially tested and supported components to their React applications, accelerate time to market, and reduce upgrade and maintenance burdens. ExtReact offers more than 115 UI components that are fully supported and designed to interact and work together seamlessly -- over the lifetime of the application.

With optimized performance and Sencha technical support, ExtReact makes delivering visually stunning, data-intensive apps simpler and faster than ever before. Developers can use the built-in Material design inspired theme, eliminating the need to construct custom styles and making it easy to create a fresh, modern user experience with minimal effort. Themes can also be easily modified or extended with Sencha Themer, enabling both developers and designers to create compelling themes without writing a single line of code.

ExtReact provides advanced capabilities for all its components. Key features include:
* Keyboard navigation and focus management enable users to easily navigate the application and improve web application accessibility.
* Flexible layout system ensures the proper sizing and positioning of all components and eliminates the need for separate stylesheets.
* Sophisticated data management allows users to efficiently and easily handle any size and source of remote data across device types.

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